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A handsome 2 year old male labrador needs to be rehomed since his existing owners are not able to keep him.. He is Fawn color and well structured.

The dog is very confident and will not do good with other male dogs unless well socialized.. he is good with kids and has a loving nature.. He loves to play and enjoys the company of owners..

Nature Towards :

Owners : Loving and Affectionate
Kids : Loving and harmless
Other Pets : May show dominance related problems, however not unmanageable..

Adoption Conditions: We need a experianced pet owners to handle him, all though he is absolutely harmless, but he is untrained, overly playful and difficult to control for inexperienced pet owners.

Other Conditions : The caller must be 21+. The dog is avaialbe for only loving families and not for singles, breeders, dog squad, security companies ets.. only for mumbai residents..

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