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Labrador for Adoption

About Molly : 
Molly is loving, affectionate and very good with kids. Plays wonderfully with other dogs as well. Knows her basic commands well. She needs an understanding loving family as she has been through a lot.

4 and half Month old


Vaccinations given: 
All Necessary Vaccinations have been given for this year.. Due Next year.. Details will be provided to adopters.. 

Training given: 
House trained

Nature Towards.. 
Owners : 
Playful and Loving
Other Pets : 
Playful and friendly
Strangers : 
Playful and Friendly 
Children : 
Playful and Loving


Pune & Mumbai

Labrador Retriever 

PLEASE NOTE: Do not call asking for details if your below 21, Breeder, inexperienced or wish you gift the pup to someone you know.. This pup is only available for experienced pet owners for adopt.. 

Contact Details: 
Kaushal Guhya

Contact Number: