Dog deaths and illnesses From Pork Bone Treats

Date: 2010-03-12

Feds Probe Reports of Dog Deaths, Illnesses From Pork Bone Treats, Missouri Company says it is "proud" of its products, refuses to compensate pet owners

By Lisa Wade McCormick

March 12, 2010

“FDA is aware of the issue and is looking into it,” according to a statement the spokesman sent us. “We take very seriously any potential harm to pets from products regulated under the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and encourage consumers to report their concerns to the FDA. If warranted we will take appropriate action and notify the public.”
A Missouri pet products company is under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) amid reports that scores of dogs have became seriously ill or died after eating the manufacturer’s treats. The company at the heart of the probe is Dynamic Pet Products of Washington, Mo., an FDA spokesman told today. has received several complaints about one of the company's treats -- Real Ham Bones. Pet owners say the 8” hickory smoked pork femur bones -- sold as treats -- have splintered and caused their dogs to become violently ill or even die.

“My dog ate the bone and died,” said pet owner Christina N. of Collierville, Tennessee. “The company denied my claim for vet bills. They said I chose to give my dog the bone. This was a very, very painful death for Buddy. Many dogs have died from this product. I had a necropsy done and still they claim it wasn't their product.”

A Texas pet owner also blamed the death of her dog on the company’s chew bones: “I purchased the pet treat for my dog and it killed him,” said Kriss L. of Richardson, Texas. “Words cannot express my grief.”

Not a dime

An Indiana pet owner told us her dog had to undergo surgery after chewing one of Dynamic’s Real Ham Bones. The dog’s health problems, she said, surfaced ten minutes after it started chomping on the treat.

“I noticed it had broken apart, so I took it away from her (and) a short time later she was gravely ill, trying to vomit but couldn’t,” said Patti S. “She couldn’t even drink water.”

Patti rushed her dog to the vet. “They took X-rays and said she had splinters of the bone in her intestines and she had to go through surgery. Thank God I have a great vet because she is the reason my dog is still alive.”

Patti called Dynamic Pet Products about her dog’s experience. The company referred her case to its insurance carrier, which denied Patti’s claim.

“They would not pay a dime,” she said. “They (said) they were not at fault. They said I was for not monitoring my dog closely enough.”

A New Jersey pet owner also told us her dogs became sick after eating one of Dynamic’s chew bones: “On March 2, I bought two Real Ham Bones for my two Bulldogs,” said Nadine of Woodstown, New Jersey. “That night, one Bulldog threw up 5 times.”

Nadine’s vet ordered X-rays on the dog, but they did not reveal any blockage. The vet, however, blamed the chew bone for the dog’s gastric problems, she said.

“This is day three (and) she has not moved her bowels yet and (we) will have to have another trip to the vet.”

What about Nadine’s other Bulldog? “She is moving her bowels, but they are full of bone,” she said.

Similar problems

Another pet owner told us her dog experienced similar problems after gnawing on one Dynamic’s chew bones.

“I bought a Real Ham Bone made by Dynamic and a few hours later my dog was throwing up and yelping when he had a bowel movement,” said Maureen G. of Gladstone, Missouri. “I decided to Google the product and found out this has happened to a lot of pets.

“This product needs to be taken off the shelf,” she added. “How many dogs have to die first? Luckily, my dog will be okay. I bought it for him thinking that it would be safe and unfortunately the product isn't.” contacted Dynamic Pet Products today about the FDA’s investigation and the complaints we’ve received about its chew bones. The company did not return our call.

Dynamic’s Web site states the Real Ham Bones are not recommended for aggressive chewers. “As with all natural bones, we recommend supervision during eating,” the Web site points out. The company’s Web site also states that it’s “proud” of its track record and reputation.

Dynamic has not pulled any of its chew bones or treats off the market and pet owners are likely to still find them on store shelves.

The FDA said pet owners can report any health problems their dogs experience with Dynamic Pet Products’ chew bones or treats to the agency’s Consumer Complaint Coordinator in their region.

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