BMC Notice: Get licence for your pet dogs

Date: 2008-08-05


Mumbai, August 04 2008, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has finally taken a step to streamline the pet population. In a public noticed issued on Monday, the BMC’s public health department has called upon all pet owners to obtain the license for their pets. The notice states, “As per Section 191-A of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act (MMC), it is mandatory for the owner of a pet dog to obtain license by paying a tax of Rs 100 for the pet whose age is more than six months”.

It further states that pets with no license can be detained in dog kennels, as per the law. It is estimated that more than 22,000 pet dogs in the city are without license. This was revealed in a Right to Information (RTI) reply to a query submitted by News line to the BMC in June. According to the reply, only 4,204 pets in the city were licensed. An animal census carried out by the civic body from October 2007 to January 2008 states that there are 26,900 pet dogs in the city. While the BMC dog control program has for long suffered due to staff shortage, GT Ambe, joint executive health officer of BMC said, “This year, with the implementation of the stray dog sterilization plan, we have sterilized nearly 14,000 dogs since January. Now we want to move on to the next step and stabilize the pet population.”

As part of the drive, the BMC will soon introduce pet licensing in 24 ward offices in the city. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s Licensing Act states that a dog to which no license has been granted “can be detained by the police or any officer authorized by the commissioner” till the tax is paid. Ambe had earlier indicated that they were trying to clear the backlog by pushing to license at least 10 dogs a day. “Our records show that nearly 20-25 percent dog bites in the city are due to pet dogs. Hence licensing of pets is essential to control rabies since only vaccinated dogs are issued licenses, ”said Ambe

However, indicating that citizens are usually careless about pet licensing in the city, Lt Colonel (Retd) J C Khanna, secretary of SPCA animal shelter, Parel, said, “Pet owners should be given incentives to license pets. They should be given clear-cut information on where the offices are and what are the fees. The BMC can also introduce five year discount packages in the interest of the citizens.”

How to get a dog license?
* The BMC charges Rs 100 for every year of a dog’s life for first-time licenses. This would mean the owner of a seven-year-old dog pays Rs 700 to get a license and Rs 100 every year after that to keep renewing it.
* In addition, owners must also pay a one-time fee of Rs 50 for the license book.
* All owners must present a proof that dogs have been given shots before getting the license.

Where do you go?

Mumbai city:

Mahalaxmi Dog Kennel Phone: 2308 5118

Eastern suburbs Dog licensing establishment

Mulund (West) 2561 8000

Western suburbs Dog licensing establishment:

Bandra (East) 2640 9275,

Malad (W) 2880 4195.

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