Love me like a hound!

Date: 2010-05-03

Celeb dog lovers feel that dogs are more giving and loving than humans

Many dog lovers say that their dogs can help them relax by simply being around them. So in a busy city like Mumbai where everything is quite commercialized, how does a dog help to soothe those stressed nerves? Though dogs do not communicate like humans through the medium of language or facial expressions, yet, just the wagging of the tail does the trick that a thousand words can’t. We ask a few celeb dog lovers how their pet (read: dog) helps them de-stress.

Actor Purab Kohli who has two dogs says, “They are clear about their wants unlike we humans, and are easy and playful. When you walk into the house and see them running around makes you forget almost half your worries. They surely help me break away from tension. Their innocence and selfless attitude, which is rare in humans makes me adore them.”

Arti Surendranath another happy pet lover says, “They know what frame of mind I am in. They try to cheer me up if I am upset, in their little capacity which is awe-inspiring. They simply know what time we get home usually and if we are late, they get restless and keep gazing at the door. And the moment we return they shower lots of love which is a great feeling. They are simply pure and altruistic. They seek in their owners the family they are separated from. They tap their paws promptly if you are sad, if you are happy they play with you. They are there for you always, without expecting much from you. And this feeling makes one feel happy.”

The Dog Affair (dog fair) organiser and an avid dog lover, Farzana Contractor recommends that parents should get a pup for their kids when the children turn 8-9 years old. A pup teaches them to love, care and to be compassionate. She says, “I got my first pup six years ago after my husband’s (Behram Contractor) death. It had been just days after I had got the pup home that I had a reason to go back home early as someone was waiting for me. It helped me rise from the lows I was going through.”

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