Talented guide dog receives award

Date: 2010-09-14

Gino, a three-year-old Labrador-retriever cross who is guide dog with a special ability to sense when people are about to fall ill has been given an award for his talents.
Gino while travelling in a bus with his master alerted a bus driver by barking moments before a passenger suffered a fit and spotted that a diabetic's blood sugar levels were low even though she was unaware, according to the dog's owner.

Judo Paralympian Maxine Ingram the owner accompanied Gino to central London where he was awarded and named Guide Dog of the Year.

The owner Ms Ingram, 29, was born blind and has had Gino since 2008. She describes the incident on the bus where Gino started barking until the bus driver pulled over. The man started having fits immediately after the bus stopped and although he was hurt a bit, his health conditions were revived.

Gino has on previous occasions helped the owner’s sister to check her blood sugar level as he detected it to be low.
Richard Leaman, chief executive of the Guide Dogs Association, who presented the award on Wednesday, said: "Gino stood out because of his initiative to act above and beyond his training."


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