Canine fitness buddy

Date: 2010-09-22

The latest trend in fitness is a workout buddy. All upscale gyms will tell you to choose a workout buddy who will keep you motivated and encourage you to workout. But if you are a pet owner you do not need a gym or a workout buddy. Your pet can be your workout buddy and the play ground can be your affordable gym. Here are some calorie burning activities you and your pet can bond over:

Walk it out
Walking together will keep both you and your dog fit. Mumbai-based fitness expert Franco Matez says, "You can lose around 200-300 calories an hour with intense walking." Dogs love the activity and running with him will be a real treat for you too. However every dog is not suitable for running, find out if your dog is fit to run in the breed section of

Game up

A game of Frisbee or catch the ball can make you less lethargic and more flexible. You'll be using your muscles and burning fat with all the running around. "Running can help you lose about 300-380 calories an hour," says Delhi-based fitness expert Jyotin Dutta. Training your dog for a game of Frisbee can be challenging, but with time and patience your dog will adapt. However do not over work the dog as over exhaustion can lead to several health issues.

Water baby

Many dogs love the water, go to breed section of to know which breeds can swim. Taking him to the pool while you do your laps will not only be a blast for him, but also an incentive for you to work out with one of your closest mates!

Weight training

If you have a small sized-dog, you may want to use him instead of your dumbbells. It will make your pet feel pampered as well as tone up your muscles. Depending on the weights, you can lose between 170-250 calories an hour with weight training.

Trek trip

If you love the outdoors, take your dog on a day trip where you can trek. "Trekking involves carrying some amount of baggage and continuous uneven walking. You can lose about 500-700 calories depending on how long you walk, the route and your walking speed," says Matez. However it is important to note that all breeds can not handle excessive walking. Please visit the breed section of and check out the exercise requirements of your breed. 

You could also take your dog to the beach where you can run and wrestle in the sand. Play a game of football or just have him rest on your back as you do push-ups. The harder the exercise you choose, the more kilos you will shed.

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