Headless Rich Farmer cast away pet dog after being touched by dalits

Date: 2010-09-24

How far are humans willing to go in the name of castes? A tragic case of a mongrel dog in Bhopal was reported where the owners of the dogs have declared him “untouchable” after they learned that the dog had eaten “roti” from a dalit woman.  

The black cur, was raised in the comfortable home of its Rajput owners in Manikpur village in Morena. Its master, identified by the police as Rampal Singh, is a rich farmer with local political connections.

As reported in the times of India on September 24, 2010 - A week ago Sunita Jatav, a dalit woman, was serving lunch to her farm labourer husband. "There was a 'roti' left over from lunch. I saw the dog roaming and fed it the last bread," Sunita said. "But when Rampal Singh saw me feeding the dog and he grew furious. He yelled: 'Cobbler woman, how dare you feed my dog with your roti?' He rebuked me publicly. I kept quiet thinking the matter would end there. But it got worse," she said

A village panchayat was called and they decided that the dog shall now live with the dalit woman and her family and they are to pay a fine of Rs. 15000 for this act. When Sunita and  her brother rushed to Sumawali police station, they were further directed to take the matter to SC/ST Atrocities police station in Kalyan. Instead of registering their FIR the officers in charge were questioning them. As per Sunita’s brother Nahar the officer asked him “Why did they feed the dog”.

Wasn’t it enough that we humans are divided into different religions and castes? The simple act of providing food to a hungry becomes an out rage in the name of untouchables. When will this stop? 

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