Two Extremes… Putting human race to shame..

Date: 2010-09-29
Millions of people around the world keep animals as pets. For some it’s a just pet, fashion, status symbol or business and for others it’s a loving member of their family... Here is an article that shows the extremities of pet owners…
On Wednesday morning Sep-29-2010 a call came to my cell
phone from Ms. Meenakshi Babar, who informed us about an abandoned Great Dane in the middle of the Eastern Express highway, in front of Godrej Gate no. 7, who was seen by Ms. Renuka Singh (Friend of Ms. Meenakshi Babar)
a resident of Godrej tower. 

This Dane approximately 7-8 yrs old was most likely abandoned by his family after so many years of living together, like a piece of old furniture, in a state that would break anyone’s heart or perhaps by an irresponsible breeder who saw no use of him due to poor health conditions or age. The Dane was in complete trauma, looke
d starved for several days, dehydrated and may be under sun stroke. From the condition of the dog it was evident that the dog was unkept and was most probably raised in extremely bad conditions.
Thanks to Ms. Renuka, who with the help of guards at godrej, managed to save the dane from

being run over by heavy traffic on the Eastern express highway (Mumbai) and tied him to a tree and asked Ms. Meenakshi for help. Ms. Meenakshi then called us and Animals matter to me, Mumbai to rescue the dog. Joining hands Mr. Ganesh Nayak (Founder of Animals matter to me, Mumbai) and I ( headed to the location to rescue the dog.
While on our way we called Mr. Phatakiya working in Godrej to helpus in this regards, being very prompt he and Mr. Jangu Dotiwala spoke to Mr. Sujeet (In-charge of security) and got us all required clearance to pass through the Godrej complex for the rescue.
When we saw the dog we were shocked, full of rage but still saddened by the condition of the dog. A question went through both of us. “How could someone do that to an innocent dog that is so sweet and kind”?

We then immediately took the dog to Dr. Parul Swali who checked the dog, put him on small dose of saline and explained us his health condition. In the meanwhile Mr. Ganesh Nayak and Ms. Meenakshi Babar put in efforts to find a house to foster him and take care of him till his recovery and adoption.
Surprisingly many animal lovers came forward and offered their help, some offered their place to foster the dog some offered to provide food and some came forward to help with medical expenses.  Looking at the condition of the dog Ms. Milli Gandhi an experienced dog owner and profound animal lover offered to foster the dog at her apartment in Churchgate.
Along with terrible people like this Danes owner who put human race to shame by ill treating an innocent living being, thankfully there are people who care for the animals and will go out of their way to help those in distress. Combined efforts of Ms. Renuka Singh, Ms. Meenakshi Babar, Kaushal Guhya, Ganesh Nayak, Mr. Phatakiya, Mr. Jangu Dotiwala, Mr. Sujit and Ms. Milli Gandhi saved the life of this innocent and loving dog.
Anyone who might know the owner of this dog, please contact any of following people and help bring justice to the dog.
Ganesh Nayak (Animals Matter to me, Mumbai) – 9819380310
Kaushal Guhya ( - 9833910310 

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