*Thou Shalt Not Kill*

Date: 2010-11-17

Article By: Naina Arun

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un-awakened.” So was said by Anatole France which is now believed, preached and practiced by the participants who came and attended the seminar on Animal Welfare conducted by the very passionate and enthralling, Ms. Roxanne Davur of Terra Anima Trust for Animals, on 13th November 2010, Mumbai. Over 24 participants including individuals, members and volunteers of various NGOs like P.A.W.S. (Plant and Animals Welfare Society), PALS, World for All and a few others attended the seminar and became a part of the awareness program Ms. Davur is proposing. A gamut of topics under Animal Welfare such as, first-aid, nutrition, vaccination, good veterinarians, animal rights and laws, people, agencies and processes involved in animal rescue, adoption and re-homing, modes of exploitation of animals and ways to fight for animal protection were discussed.

The seminar started with the meaning of First aid for animals, its need, approach, and the Do’s and Don’ts involved in it. It was signified how First Aid is helpful, when done at the right time, in the right mind, with the right methodology. Methods and the basic approach of first Aid were taught along with the fact that, when there is lack of adequate knowledge, not helping is also a help. The discussion moved further to the right food, nutrition, and veterinarians beneficial for the animals. Various ways to differentiate between the good and the bad for the animals, about the aforementioned were detailed.

Mr. Nilesh Bhanage, Founder PAWS Mumbai equipped everyone with an elaborate list of the people and organization working actively for the betterment of the animals, including the kind of service each of them provided and the area under their coverage. He also talked about the methods involved in animal rescue, adoption and re-homing and cited some real life examples to elucidate on the same. PAWS volunteers Avinash Bhagat, Shreya Nambiar, Manasi Bhanage, Akshay Bhalekar, Aditi Nair, Jayshree Janardanan, Mandar Sawant & PAWS Intern Naina Arun attended this event.

The latter half of the seminar mostly had the attendees getting appalled at the videos on the ways animals are exploited on the grounds of commercialism, religions, cultures, traditions, habits, entertainment et cetera. Animals are exploited, harmed and even killed for food, milk, clothing, dissection, animal testing, vivisection, hunting, factory farming, fishing, religion, culture etc. Even if they are kept as pets, or sheltered as property, they are harmed through deliberate mutilation, spaying, neutering, docking, overloading, animal trading, habitat destruction, and other ways of victimizing the helpless animals. The seminar ended with the dissemination of information on Animal rights and Animal Laws with which even an ordinary man can raise his voice to protect animal rights and stop the incessant exploitation that can be seen anywhere and everywhere around the world. Thus it was learnt that a Golden Rule should be followed, to “DO NO HARM” to animals and let others do no harm to animals either.

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