Never smile at a dog you feel might be dangerous. To him you would be baring your teeth as a sign of aggression.

Grooming is an essential element to maintain dog’s physiological and psychological health. Grooming is a valuable means of detecting fleas, ticks and other parasites. Besides the physiological aspects, grooming helps develop a bond between the owner and the pet. Regular grooming sessions from an early age helps discipline the dog and works as a training tool by insisting the dog stands still while you groom it.                                                                                              

Grooming should be done depending on the age of your pub. Begin by basic grooming a small puppy and as the dog grows older more detailed grooming can be incorporated. Dogs with long coat may require regular grooming to prevent their fur from matting, and tangling. Grooming will help remove unwanted loose hair from the body and keep the dog clean and shiny.

There are various grooming tools available in the market for dogs, and it is important to find the best tool that is suitable for your dog. Choice of tools may vary depending on the dog size and coat.