A dog’s heart rate beats 70 to 120 times per minute. A human, 70 to 80 times per minute.

A Healthy Dog

General Information

Your Pet dog's health should be the primary concern of every pet dog owner. Having a healthy dog is fun. A Healthy DogConstant and ignored illness usually creates sadness and at times frustration for both pet and the pet owner, and both are likely to be effected adversely by this. Healthy pet dog's can develop a better and happy relationship with their owners. A healthy pet dog is ideally full of spirit, happy, clean, active, responsive and ready to be with you in any activity, anytime.

How do I Know if he is Healthy?

Following are some of the signs of a healthy pet dog. 
  • Clear, bright eyes
  • Glossy, full coat
  • Clear skin
  • Dry nose, free from discharge
  • Good weight, according to breed standards
  • Healthy appetite
  • Good energy
  • Pain free movement
  • Normal temperature around 100-101 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Generally positive attitude and personality

Asses your pets health on daily bases

Assessing pet's health becomes easy for any pet owner once the daily routine and behavior is understood. Dogs are creatures of habit with finely tuned biological clock. Any deviation from its routine behavior is most likely a sign of some health related issue. For instance, if your dog does not get up at its usual hours, is reluctant to play, moves slower, eats less, or behaves in abnormal way.

In Following Video A Vet explains how to asses your dogs health

Why is This Important?

In general dog’s life span is almost 7 times shorter then of humans. On an average a dog lives anywhere in between 12 – 18 years (depending on breed ofcours). A healthy and happy dog could add few more precious years to its life but if the dog is not healthy then it could cut down as much as 3 to 4 years from its average life span, however, it could cut more as well.. 

Many dogs live up to 14 - 18 years of age . On the flipside the mortality rate in dogs below six years of age is shockingly high. Assessing your pet’s health regularly, taking quick and sensible action on any signs of illness could be rewarding, both psychologically and economically. Kindly go through signs of Illness page to get acquainted to the list of signs your dog could demonstrate.