A Well Behaved Dog

Accepting a stranger – Train your dog to sit or lie down quietly when a stranger is approaching you. A well behaved dog will show no aggression towards strangers and will sit down by your side.

Petting by a stranger – A dog should be content to be stroked by a stranger even on the top of its head, which is a gesture of dominance. People often approach dogs like that.

Reacting to another dog – Ask a friend with a dog to approach while you are walking your own dog, stop, talk for a while and then move on. Well behaved dogs show interest in each other but no signs of fear or aggression

Walking through a crowd – Walk the dog, along the pavement through pedestrian traffic. It can show interest in the various sights and sounds but should not strain on its lead or act shyly or aggressively.

Reacting to distractions – When a dog is not expecting it, drop a book or a heavy magazine about 3 meters behind the dog. If it has been properly trained, the dog will show curiosity and interest, but will not panic, bark, run away, or show aggression.

Sitting for an examination- A dog should allow itself to be examined by you or the vet. The dog will sit or lie down on your command and stay still during examination.