The longest-living cat was 34 years old according to some sources. The Siamese and the Manx breeds are the longest-living cats on average. And keeping your cat indoors typically doubles its lifespan

Animals Matter to me Mumbai is involved in following services 
  1. Feeding Programs for Stray Dogs 
  2. Community Services 
  3. Helping Animals in Distress
  4. Rescue and re-homing 
  5. Pet Adoptions 
  6. Fostering an Animal in need
  7. Fighting against Animal Cruelty
How can you participate? 
  1. Join Feeding program
  2. Donate What you can
  3. Volunteer in rescue / Re-homing 
  4. Fostering an animal
  5. joining the community services 
Call to find more about our Community.. 

Contact :
Ganesh Nayak  : 9819380310 (Founder)
Amit Pathak       : 9892050458

Email : [email protected]