Animals play a vital role in human existence, yet more money each year is spend on oil extraction for a single company than on animal welfare around the world.

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About us
Animals Matter To Me (Mumbai) an ANIMAL WELFARE CHARITABLE TRUST was created with the vision of providing a safe refuge for abused, unwanted , orphaned animals and supporting NGO’s and Animal Welfare Association’s to reach out to places faster and better. Animals Matter To Me (Mumbai) is an INDEPENDENT Community that provides services for any and all animals in need. Through contributions from private individuals and organizations, the community maintains its dedication to animals.Animals Matter to me, Mumbai Banner
There were and are several NGO’s including the SPCA that function independently in the sphere of animal welfare. We are different because we provide support services to such organizations and individuals and assist in a critical aspect of animal welfare namely emergency services in case of accidents, abandonment cases, for wildlife and domestic animals, animal birth control, awareness, transportation, legal aspects, etc. We have an efficient network of senior veterinarians – physicians and surgeons around Mumbai and Thane who we consult on all our cases. Over time through efficient networking we have built up a base of reliable foster homes and local volunteers who assist from time to time.
About the Founders
As a young boy Ganesh Nayak saw his mother bring home every animal that was being ill-treated whether it was a monkey or an elephant. The seed was sown in his young mind hence compassion came naturally to him. He would feed the stray dogs and cats in his neighbourhood, get them neutered/spayed and ensure their medical needs were taken care of. All this he managed at his own expense and alone. When he married Dheeraja, they discovered a common passion for animals and began toying with the idea of doing something to ease their pain and suffering. Thus began the story of an educated, upper middle-class couple turning crusaders for stray animals in Mumbai and ‘Animals Matter to Me’ was born. 
Dheeraja is a qualified Commercial Pilot and flies for the national carrier as Commander. Ganesh runs and owns a lucrative Corporate Gifting enterprise.