In 1898 the First official standards for Basset Griffon Fransais were adopted. The first president of the ‘Club du Basset Griffon Vendée’ club (formed in 1907) is known for having devised the first standard. The same standards were described for both petit and Grand, and both came from same litter.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)

Other Names: 
Personality:  happy  -  independent  -  extrovert  -  bold  -  willing to please
Size:  15 to 16 inches  -  Weight: 18 to 20kg (40 to 44 lb)  -  Coat:  rough, long, harsh with thick undercoat  Color:  white with any combination of lemon, orange, tri-colored, or grizzled marking  -  Life Span: 12 to 14 years.
The Grand Basset Griffons just like petit are basically scent hounds bred to track animals such as boar, deer, and to track rabbit and hare. The Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen are originally pack dogs, so owners either need to spend constant time with the dog or keep more then one for company. 
These dogs are friendly, extrovert and are always ready to please. They have untiring wagging tail and expressive eyes that earned them the reputation of “Happy Breed”. These dogs are good with kids but they also have a tendency to play-bite, which makes them unsuitable around very young children.
The Grand Basset Griffons hunting instinct is powerful and a simple walk can quickly turn into a hunt unless restricted to lead-walking or safe area. These dogs also have a tendency to howl and if one starts in a pack the entire peck starts howling, they may howl alone or sometime to music or just for fun.. Howling can also occur in protest if left lone.
  Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)
Special Characteristics:The Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) is very active and have a special interest in scents

Exercise Requirements: High. Enjoys long walks. 

Perfect Owner: active, easy-going owner who enjoys plenty of energetic walks. 
  Nature Towards…

Owners: Independent, affectionate

Children: good

Other Pets: good

Strangers: friendly

Unfamiliar Dogs: friendly
Potential Problems
  • May get difficult to control on walks.
  • Barking may become a big problem
  • Lack of exercise may result in digging and other behavioral problems
  • Some dogs can be stubborn like most hounds and may not respond well to training.
  • As per the survey of UK Club the leading cause of death in this breed were cancer (33%), old age (24%), and cardiac (7%).
The Grand Basset Griffons like the Grand Basset Griffon are basically scent hounds that originated in vendee district of France in the 18th century. These dogs have descended from ‘Griffon Vendeen’, his larger, more powerful ancestor.
The Grand Basset Griffons were used for huntingboar, deer, rabbits and hares. In 1940 selective breeding by Abel Desamy fixed the breeds’ modern characteristics and helped established it as one of the most popular basset breeds in France and abroad.