Dr. Christian L. Berger found these dogs with ridge that is very pronounced and different from other ridge-back dogs and began breeding them with similar characteristic. He is currently running the Cambodian Razorback Breeding program with a goal to gain these dogs international reputation.

Cambodian Razorback Breed information

Other Names

Friendly – loyal – courageous – protective – territorial

20 inches or more

Up to 27kg (60 lb)

Long Coat, Tail Feathered and ridge on the back “pronounced”.


Combination colors with white and black, blue, brown and fawn are common. They also come in solid colors without white.
Life Span


Cambodian Razorback Breed Info

The Cambodian Razorback is a long haired dog. They are powerful for their size and, although muscular, they are active and agile. The Cambodian Razorback Dog has a ridge that is very pronounced and the fur is also much longer than the other ridgebacks.

Cambodian Razorbacks are a primitive breed but not with the characteristics one would associate with them. Primitive or Pariah Dogs are found everywhere in Cambodia but this particular dog exhibits different characteristics. They are friendly and good natured with their family. However, this dog is protective and territorial when it comes to strangers. They are natural guard dogs and can be used for hunting as well. They are larger than a “Phu Quoc” Dog (Ridgeback found on the coast) and do not bark as often. They only bark if there is a need for it. They exhibit the power and confidence of the Thai Ridgeback Dog and are of similar size. Compared to the other two known ridgebacked dogs in the region they are physically very different. These dogs are not for the novice buyer and need to be socialized at an early age. .
They are excellent hunters and like other primitive dogs in the countryside, have no problem feeding themselves when kitchen scraps become scarce. At the end of the evening meal the villagers will feed their scraps to the dogs. They need to compete with pigs, chickens and ducks but are always the “top animal” on the farm.

This dog is not currently recogzined by any kennel club. However, Dr. Christian & Bopha Berger, who took the breeding project in thier hand, are trying to set a line and get these dogs the recognition they deserve. Their goal is to preserve this rare and exotic dog and breed them at my kennel and to promote and develop the Cambodian Razorback into an international breed.

Special Characteristics: Natural Guard Dog but friendly with family.

Exercise Requirements: Medium, they need daily dose of exercise and mental stimulation.

Perfect Owner: Anyone with a will to learn and handle the dog well.

Nature Towards…



Devoted, loving and friendly


They are good with children.
Other Pets

'data not available'

protective and territorial


Good if raised together. They will stand their ground if challenged.

Potential Problems 

  • The breed is still in its development under a breeding project run by Dr. Berger in Cambodia. Hence, Very little or no data is available at this time.


The Razorback dog is found only in Cambodia from the Lao border to Phnom Penh (the capital). It is not common and the Cambodians themselves have no particular name for it. The Razorback dog was discovered in the Mekong River Valley of Cambodia by Dr. Christian L. Berger. Like the Phu Quoc dog and Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Cambodian Razorback dog probably descends from the same basic pariah stock common to southern Asia and Africa.