Consider a dog boarding kennel that is built in large open area and looks well maintained. Small kennels which look claustrophobic can depress the dog.
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What is a Boarding Kennel?

The Boarding kennel is a name given to structure or shelter where the dogs are kept, such as dog house. Boarding Kennels, often referred as only kennel or temporary home for pets, is a place where people keep their dog temporarily. Mostly while they are traveling or for any other reason, on a per day fee bases. 

What types of Boarding Kennels are there?

In India, especially near Metros, there are many kennels and each one is different then other in at least some way. Some are cheap so some expensive, some in residential apartment so some outside the city in a farm like area, the choice also extends to even A/c or Non-Ac kennels. Surf through the left links to see your options.. 
What should one look for, before putting their dong in kennel?
It is important that pet owners personally visit the kennel before they decide to keep their dog in one. There are many irresponsible kennel owners and you don’t want your dog to go through a traumatic experience while you’re out on holiday or perhaps on a business trip.

In any ways, pet owners must understand that the experience of being away from family is indeed quite stressful experience for dogs. To tackle this many kennel owners engage the dogs in a range of activities to keep the dogs occupied and away from depression. It is also advised that you leave your pets toys or his bed with him to comfort him with familiar things around, while he is at totally new place. 

Consider following points while judging the kennels.

  • Kennel should be disinfected before new dog comes in
  • In addition the kennel should also be cleaned on daily bases
  • The kennel should be well maintained (Old rusted kennels are not good)
  • The Kennel should be specious in width and length for your dog to move freely
  • The height should be more then your dog standing on two legs
  • There should be a provision for constant air circulation, i. e. separate sealing fan in each kennel
  • The Flooring should be clean
  • Consider the involvement of the owner and behavior of the staff
  • Discuss the Food options in detail
  • Discuss the activities and ensure that facilities match the promises
  • Kennels must have area for dogs to socialize and play and its extremely important for longer stays
Note: Remember to do all this research well in advance so your left with choice. Many kennels require advance booking since they may be running on full capacity, especially during holiday season.