Dogs can register the sounds differently from humans, which is around 35,000 vibrations within a second. Humans, on the other hand can hear 20,000 vibrations.

Ear care is very important part of the grooming as ears accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. As water can not be used for cleaning the ears, they are left unclean even while bathing the dog.

Vitamin E oil should be used to clean the ears after every bath, or in between the baths with cotton buds. There are other medicated cleaning products available in the market. Ensure that cold products are not used for the ear as it may be a very painful experience for the dog. Bring the liquid to room temperature before using for cleaning dog’s ears.

To clean your dog's ears, apply some ear cleaning solution to a cotton ball and simply wipe dirt and wax away from the inner ear. Don't rub vigorously as to cause sores, and don't travel too far into the ear; both could cause damage. The dog may not like the process of cleaning ears and thus will have to be introduced slowly to this process.

Do not force the dog to clean the ears if the dog is resisting as it may cause damage to the ears. Let the dog get comfortable with the process. Be very gentle and patient with the dog and treat the dog after every session. Regular praising is highly recommended while cleaning the ears. Make the process as pleasant as possible.