The non shedding or low shedding breeds are hypo-allergic , thus well suited for people who have allergies.

Slicker Brushes
Brushes should always be selected as per the dog’s coat. Slicker brushes are best suited for medium and thick coated dogs. They are hard enough thus penetrates under the coat as well as brushes the top coat.
The bristles smoothly glide over the coat and remove all the dead and loose hair. Brushing with this will prevent any tangling and shedding. Dogs with thick coat should be brushed several times a week.
Soft Bristle Brush
Dogs with short coat should also be regularly brushed to remove dead and loose hair. Brushing also keeps the coat shiny and healthy. Soft bristle brushes are most ideal for short coated dogs.
Brushing stimulates the natural oils present on the skin of the dog and also improves blood circulation making the dog healthier and the skin looks shiny and smooth.
Furminator Shedding Brush
The eating habits and external environments affect dogs as much as humans causing them to shed more than usual. The Furminator brushes are best suited to handle such heavy shedding. Grooming the dog with this brush will reduce the shedding upto 90% in 4-6 weeks.
These brushes work well for both long and short coat dogs. They leave the coat shiny, healthy and smooth and remove all the dead and loose hair. Looking health and clean also boosts the dog’s morale.
Fine Toothed Combs for Dogs
Dogs with soft and silky coat need extra care while grooming as they are prone to tangling. Fine toothed combs are most suited for such fine coats as they easily remove loose hair and untangle the hair.
Irrespective of the coat, tangles should be removed only with a fine toothed comb. Work on the tangles slowly and gently. Pulling the tangles hard may cause damage to the dog’s skin. Tangles can evolve into large matts which can cause great discomfort to the dog.
Fine toothed combs can also serve useful to find fleas and ticks on your pet. This comb can be used on all type of coats. Regular checking of the dog’s skin should be conducted in order to remove ticks and fleas if any, as these parasites can cause various skin issues and in some cases even death.