Not all heavy shedding dogs require a lot of grooming. They sometimes require the same amount of grooming as a low shedding dog.

Long haired dogs need regular trimming and grooming. Unfortunately, going to the grooming parlor may get expensive, especially if your dog needs monthly haircuts. Trimming dog’s hair at home is a challenging task but with patience and practice one can easily do it.

Remember that dogs with long hair need to be trimmed on a regular basis for more than aesthetic reasons. Dog hair can easily become matted or tangled and this will mean having to cut it all off eventually. Food, dirt and other debris from outdoors can easily become stuck into the matted hair and this begins to cause hygiene problems for your dog.

Long hair that goes without grooming can also become a hazard, as they will begin to trip over it or it may fall in front of their eyes and keep them from seeing well. One of the major reasons for cutting your dog’s hair if it is long is to keep away potential parasites like fleas, ticks and even lice that can easily hide in a dog’s long coat.

Proper command over the dog is essential; the dog should know that he is in your control. It is also very important that the dog is comfortable and does not resist while trimming as this may cause injury to the dog. The dog should be pampered and made at ease before trimming sessions. Ensure the dog is sitting in a comfortable position and is steady. Trimming should be done in a well lit room.

Start the session by combing the dog’s hair to remove tangles and matts. Using a clipper or a trimmer start trimming from top to bottom. Hair near the eyes and ears should be trimmed with a help of a scissor. Be very cautious while trimming hair near the eyes as the scissor may cause severe injuries to the dog.

Regular haircuts can be done at home depending on the need of the dog. For fashionable haircuts you can take your dog to any grooming center once in a while. If the dogs hair is extremely tangled and matted then we recommend you take them to a grooming salon as they have better equipments to handle excessive tangles.