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In Defense of Animals
About IDA

In Defense of Animals, India was established on 31st October 1996. Neutering of street dogs was the first project which was started from a small garage of a residential colony in Mumbai. With the help of the Mumbai High Court, the Corporation handed over the premises at Deonar to IDA INDIA on 22nd December 1999.

The Deonar Centre started from 1st February 2000 followed by Vashi Centre started from 26th July 2006 and Neral Centre started from 28th August 2006

IDA INDIA is a non profit organization dedicated towards establishing and protecting the rights of all non - human living creatures.
It aims at:
  • Providing shelter, and all healthcare facilities for distressed animals.
  • Lobbying for amendments to existing animal protection laws in India, to make them effective.
  • Rescuing abandoned and abused animals.  
  • Ensuring legal recognition for animal rights across the globe.
  • Discouraging killing of animals for food. 
  • Promoting Animal Birth Control program and discouraging killing of stray animals.
  • Creating awareness amongst people, so as to start a mass movement against -
    • Laboratory and experiments using animals.
    • Use of animals in school and colleges.
    • Film and circus which abuse animals to perform in certain way.
    • Manhandling of killing animal and poultry chicken
    • Cruelty to cows, bullocks, horses, and donkeys
    • Zoos
    • Breeding for commercial exploitation.