Dogs are intelligent animals and have been selectively bred for centuries, to more then 400 different types of breeds, for special jobs. These jobs require many breeds to develop characteristics for working alone. Hence certain breeds are easier to train than others, I.e. Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are easier to train then Hound dogs, Sledge dogs, terriers etc..

Obedience Training for Dogs

Dogs are a great companions to humans as they provide enormous loyalty and love. They are pack animals and with a natural leadership instincts. For the dog his family is his pack, and you have to ensure that you are the leader of that pack, or the dog will be. Dogs need certain amount of obedience training in order to be sociable. The Obedience training is the most important initial lessons for a dog (ideally started early after 4 to 5 months of age) and is infact the most essential for all dogs irrespective of the type of training you might want to advance to later. Good habits cultivated from an early age go a long way.

Many wise and experienced people know that training a dog can be tricky and methods vary from dog to dog. A right method used for training is usually rewarding and fun for dog, but wrong methods can lead a dog to confusion and frustration, which inturn can cause reverse effect on the dog. It is important that the dog enjoys the training session and takes them as a refreshment rather than torture. Another very important part of training is the bonding between the owner and the dog, good bonding makes training more effective.

A dog prior to training (mostly in early age) is confused as to what is an acceptable behavior and how it can please you. Obedience training can guide them as to the correct norms and will also help it understand the behavior that will please you. As obedience training is a basis for all other forms of training it is important that the training is right, joyful and effective. A well-trained dog brings joyful experience to the owner and people associated with.