A dogs nutritional requirement and safe ingredients are somewhat different from that of humans. many ingredients used for humans can cause serious harm to dog. A meal specially prepared for dogs is important to dogs well being. In addition when feeding your dog with left overs from your meal, its important to know the harmful ingredients for dogs, to avoid putting his health at risk.

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Food is the most essential element for the health and well being of the dogs. Many dog owners are confused by the variety of dog foods available in the market and by most commercial dog foods companies claiming that their food is better for growth. The fact is that there is nothing better then fresh home cooked meal. As for humans freshly cooked food prepared in good sanitized condition is excellent for your dogs health and growth.

Dog food reciepe, dog treats recipeA well balanced meal and variety is essential for the good growth of your dog. It’s the biggest responsibility of every dog owner to provide the dog with sufficient amount of nutrition for good growth. In addition good food makes a happy dog and a happy family just like in humans.

There are number of commercial dog food, dry and wet, available in the market but many owners prefer home-cooked over these commercial dogs foods. Some people keep the dogs only on one type of dog food for all its life, this is not good. One can also find different types of dog foods in the same brand as they feed. However, we highly recommend that at least one meal a day should be cooked at home and most preferably all meals. Ready made food should be used only for convenience.

Home-cooked food can do wonders for the dog. Yes, for today's time-crunched dog owners, cooking food at home is a hassle - but the results that you get may be worth the effort. A happy dog is worth every minute you spend in cooking meals for them.

Another advantage when you prepare your dogs meal is avoiding contaminated dog food, as we all have witnessed in past decade, many dog food companies have recalled dog food that is contaminated or have caused serious damages to dogs health and sometimes have also resulted in death. The best way to know what goes into your dog's food is to make it yourself. Try one of these easy dog food recipes and watch your dog gobbled down the entire meal in minutes. We also have sections for our Vegetarian dog owners with some interesting and mouth watering recipes for their pets.

We also strongly urge you to follow US FDA Tips to avoid contaminating your dog’s meal with sometimes life threatening sicknesses. These tips include safety tips for dogs as well as humans.