Millions of years ago the social structure of wolves and humans were very similar, adding to that we also shared the same habitat and animals we fed on. Some scientists believe that years of sharing the same habitat and preys may have been a key factor in domestication of the dogs we see today. Not to forget that there are tons of other known and unknown reasons too.. but sharing these common things it may have made our relation must simpler to begin with.

Dogs are certainly human kind’s best friends. But how much do we know about our best friends and its capabilities? In this section we have tried to put some light on the dogs to create better relation between our canine friends and us.

Surfing through link of the left, you will find information about the evolution theories, introduction, domestication, design & anatomy, natural behavior and senses. Our effort is to increase the understanding of our pets by looking a little deeper in such information.

By looking in these details of our pets and by understanding their natural behavior we can train, communicate and respond more efficiently.

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