AMTM Turns 1

Date: 2011-05-21

 Animals Matter to me, Mumbai turns 1 

Saturday, May 21 · 1:30pm - 6:00pm
IDA, Deonar, Bainganwadi.
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Every person has different goals for Society welfare. The goals for working are as an Individual. But, we all work together because we obtain something that we need from society. The something obtained from animal work impacts Humanity, Motivation, Quality of life & something to give back to the Society. To create positive motivation, we embark on Volunteers... because every Volunteer & Animal Lover MATTERS. These ideals help AMTM Mumbai to fulfill its goal & reach the pinnacle of Animal Welfare ! On 21st May 2011, Saturday which marks the completion of ONE year existence of AMTM, Mumbai... we want to celebrate the hardships & sacrifice of many people who came forward to help us and animals in distress. Hope to see you ALL at the Shelter where our Unconditional Companions will be eagerly awaiting your presence! 
Lets rejoice and take this cause to a higher level !

Animals Matter to me

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