One day workshop for First time Pet Owners

Date: 2011-06-25

One day workshop for First time Pet Owners


Saturday, June 25 · 10:30am - 6:30pm


Pet Sitters, Hinjewadi

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Meera Thosar

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When do I start training? How do I know that she is unwell? 
Can I get her out to play with the other pets in the society? He 
keeps dirtying the house!!! My pup runs after my kids, I’m 
scared he will attack them? When do I need to do Vet visits? 
Do these questions keep popping up in your head?

Then we have just the answers for you? 

PetSitters and Happy Tails are conducting a one day workshop for the 1st time pet owner. All your question plus a lot more. 

All your basic questions answered plus a whole lot more. The joy of having a pet at home doubles up when you understand what your pet is saying to you. 

So contact us immediately and book your seats.

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Rs. 1800.00

Contact Info

Shalaka Mundada 
+ 91 98810 76677 
[email protected]

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